Royal Norfolk Veterans Association

Founded 1898 by the late Major A.W.M. Atthill, M.V.O. O.B.E.
Patron: Her Majesty The Queen  President: Major W.F.A. Heal

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From 1998 to the present

1998 became the Associations Centenary Year, and following a suggestion from Harry Osborne ( a previous Chairman ) , a project was under taken to try and re-enact the 1907 Ceremony at Sandringham.

Mr. Hyde and Mr. Tidmarsh were mainly instrumental in getting this off the ground, and co-ordinated this with the Sandringham authorities. This happily came to fruition on the evening of 25th. April 1998. Practically all the members and their partners embarked on three coaches for the journey from Norwich to Sandringham. Once there, the main body of guests gathered in the Ballroom, The Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk, Sir Timothy Colman KG and Lady Mary, together with the President and the Officers of the Association stood outside the foyer of the Ballroom to await Her Majesty.

On the Queens' arrival she was greeted by Sir Timothy Colman and Lady Mary. Sir Timothy then introduced the President of the Association Major Blount, who in turn introduced the Chairman and Officers and wives of the Association to the Queen who was in a relaxed mood. The event lasted 45 minutes giving Her Majesty ample time to meet everyone in the assembled company, it was clear that her Majesty enjoyed the event immensely.

Just before her departure the Chairman presented Her Majesty with a silver topped walking cane on behalf of the Association.

A photographer was commissioned by the Association and took photo's of the Queen meeting Officials of the Association and a group photo was also taken in the Ballroom with the Queen.

Members of the RNVA with the Queen at Sandringham, 25 May 1998

The King's Colour and Association
Standard at Sandringham

Also in 1998 a commemorative whisky glass was commissioned by Mr. R.Tidmarsh, this is a limited edition.

The Association also had a Ladies section founded in 1979.

The present Chairman is Mr. R. Meehan, Secretary Mr M. Halsey enquiries to, Treasurer Mr. A. Evans, Historian Mr. B. Roper

The Association Church is St. Stephens, and the Padre of the Association is Rev. Madeline Light.

The Association meets at the Kier Hardie Hall on the Second Sunday of the month at 11.00am except November when they meet on the first Sunday due to the Second Sunday being Armistice Sunday.

Any enquiries regarding the Association can be made through the Secretary or vist our facebook page.

This Association is not to be confused with The Royal Norfolk Regiment Association.

The history of this Association was researched by our late secretary Mr. W. Springfield.

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W.O.S. 2000.

Remembrance Service at the South African War Memorial

VE Parade, 7 May 1995, St.Peters, Norwich

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