Royal Norfolk Veterans Association

Founded 1898 by the late Major A.W.M. Atthill, M.V.O. O.B.E.
Patron: Her Majesty The Queen  President: Major W.F.A. Heal

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The medal collection, previously housed in the Britannia Barracks Museum and then transferred to Barclays Bank vaults for a while, has been bequeathed to the Association by past members and their relatives is a very interesting one, having apart from those of the Crimea, the Sutlej medal, and the Indian General Service of 1854, a Karageorge medal, a Greek War Cross, and a Military General Service medal with 8 Bars (1793-1814).

There are approximately 430 medals in 55 groups, these are now housed in the Norfolk Regimental Museum at Norwich Shirehall.

There is also a collection of Memorabilia, which includes Swords, decorative shell cases, helmets, old books, and two tins of Frys chocolate issued to troops during the Boer War with the chocolate still in them wrapped in foil. All of these used to be held in the vaults at Barclays Bank until 1995, when on account of cost, the bulk of the collection was transferred to Sandringham and are now on display there; the rest are in private storage.

Unfortunately many of the old minute books have been lost, but those that remain provide interesting reading. At each monthly meeting careful records are kept, and it is noticeable how family ties have passed allegiance from father to son through the years, even up to three generations.

Former RNVA Chairman Harry Osborne with the RNVA collection of militaria

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